Kung Fu Power Newsletter – Fall 2015

New students, if you have not come by and tried a complimentary class or private lesson at our studio, then now is your chance! Our training includes everything you need to be more relaxed, confident, in shape, balanced, strong, adaptable, healthy and feeling younger. Kung Fu enhances your entire mental and physical life, young or old. Take away your stress, anxiety or fear and replace it with awesomeness!

Kung Fu Power is a Temple of Kung Fu that welcomes all students. Your Kung Fu brothers and sisters here will be fellow warriors for life. Together, we train hard, have fun, and help each other improve our skills and our lives. Come find out if Kung Fu will be your new passion.

Private lessons can be tailored to your schedule or location, and give you detailed, customized training. Classes feature a variety of students who work together at all levels to improve. Our special events provide an opportunity to go deeply within specific styles, forms, weapons or healing systems. Events also include several Kung Fu weekend retreats for both intensive training and a fun getaway for families.

The Kung Fu Power school is open for classes in Deerfield and our location is 405 Lake Cook Road, Unit A3, Deerfield, IL 60015. It is between Boston Blackies and the Secretary of State DMV in Deerfield Park Plaza. Parking is easy and access from Lake Cook Road is convenient. Please stop by and visit or train and check out our new school.


4:15 – 7:00 PM Kung Fu/Tai Chi/Meditation


4:15 – 7:00 PM Kung Fu/Tai Chi/Meditation


4:15 – 7:00 PM Kung Fu/Tai Chi/Meditation


4:15 – 7:00 PM Kung Fu/Tai Chi/Meditation


10:00 AM – 12:00 PM Kung Fu/Tai Chi/Meditation
1:30 – 3:30 PM Advanced Training / Seminars


10:00 – 12:00 PM Advanced Training / Seminars

Please visit us on Facebook and check out our latest pictures and videos. Come and join us for classes, private lessons, or any of our intensive seminars at 405 Lake Cook Road, Unit A3, Deerfield, IL. See below for all of our upcoming events, and enjoy the many benefits Kung Fu and Tai Chi offer.

Our list of upcoming events, please join us for any or all of them:

October 4-19: Lao Tzu James McNeil
Master James W. McNeil has for over forty years been learning, living and teaching the inner mysteries and secrets of the traditional, internal kung-fu arts. In the course of history such knowledge was normally reserved for the elite few within the closed circles of the oriental Taoist societies. Until McNeil came on the scene, it was unheard of for any outsider, let alone a white American, to be accepted as a student by the great martial art Masters of China and Taiwan.

This is a unique opportunity to study with Sifu’s teacher and share in his many years of martial arts experience. Ask Sifu about seminar dates and subjects today!

October 4, 4:00 pm: Lao Tzu James McNeil Free Lecture
Do not miss a chance to find out about the health benefits of Tai Chi, Shih Shui and Qigong and much more. A complimentary seminar, please join us in greeting and welcoming Sifu’s teacher to town.

Friday, October 9, 6-9:30 pm and Saturday, October 10, 1-4:30 pm: Chen Tai Chi
Study Chen Tai Chi with Lao Tzu James McNeil and take your understanding of Tai Chi to a new level. For all levels!

Chi Kung, or Qi Gong

Chi (Qi) is the Chinese term that refers to permeates the body and gives us life. Qi Gong (Chi Kung) refers to the “ability” or “techniques” to cultivate Chi and freely circulate it through the body for good health and long life. “Tao” refers to “Way” or “Path” that nourishes life. The ancient Taoists developed extraordinary abilities through the practice and perfection of methods to cultivate Chi. By practicing the internal arts every day a person can strengthen their internal organs and reduce stress on the nervous system.

Some of the authentic Chi Gong exercises developed by ancient Taoist taught at Little Nine Heaven are: Tiger playing with the Ball, Reaching for Heaven and Earth, Shaolin Three Exercises, Cloud Hands, Eagle Grasping, Eight Sections Brocade (Eight Pieces of Brocade), Iron Hand Meditation, the “Cooking” method of Advanced Iron Hand, and the Six Healing Sounds. Each of these exercises offers different types of health benefits that each contribute to health, sexual health, and longevity.

Student Referral bonus for Students

Students who bring in a friend or acquaintance who become a member of our school will receive a free private lesson with Sifu.

Special Seminars Advanced Curriculum Topics include:

Splashing Hands Butterfly Form
Hsing-I Staff
Chinese Broad Sword (Dao)
Advanced Hsing-I
Tzu Men Chuan – Poison Fingers Kung Fu
Two Person Fighting Sets
Chinese Twin Butterfly Sword Seminar
Advanced Sparring and Fighting Applications
Beginner Iron Hand Seminar
Advanced Tai Chi
Advanced Splashing Hands
Kung Fu Animal Forms
Advanced Self Defense
Advanced Qigong
Weapons Sparring
Push Hands
Chinese Psychic Healing
Advanced Meditation and other topics within Chinese Martial Arts and Healing

Call for details and pricing. Please be sure to tell us which classes you want to attend and when you would like other classes to be held.

Classes may be cancelled or changed without notice. Please call or text Sifu Richard Baron at 847-702-7581 or contact us for a current listing of classes.

Private lessons are available in Hsing-I, Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan, Splashing Hands, Ba Gua, Tzu Men Chuan, Qigong, Iron Hand, Traditional Chinese Healing, Taoist Meditation, Street Fighting, Self Defense, Chinese Weapons, and a variety of other martial skills. Lessons are available at our studio in Deerfield, or at your home or office. Call 847-702-7581 for prices and details.

Students should be prepared for the introduction of contracts and some variation in prices, as well as new deals to make your Kung Fu training more affordable and consistent. We also offer price discounts and scholarships for students in need who show dedication to their training.

Any missed or canceled lessons without 48 hours advanced notice by phone will be charged. There are no refunds. A late charge of 10% of the balance owed will be assessed to any late account.

We now have instructors in the Northern, Western Suburbs, Downtown Chicago, and Cicero teaching private lessons, call or email for details.

Best Regards,
Sifu Richard Baron
Phone: 847-702-7581

New School Address:
405 Lake-Cook Road, Unit A3 Deerfield, IL 60015

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