_DTN4718Sifu Richard Baron is the founder and instructor of the Chicago branch of the Little Nine Heaven Internal Kung Fu and Tai Chi School.  Sifu Baron began his martial arts training in 1988 studying many forms of martial arts and has received a number of black belts.

In 1997, Sifu Baron began training exclusively with Lao Tzu James W. McNeil. Through Lao Tzu McNeil, Sifu Baron has been trained in some of the highest levels of Taoist and Shaolin styles of Martial arts as well as Chinese Healing. Between 1997 and 2004, Sifu Baron would spend three months a year living as a Taoist Monk to further his education and understanding of the Way.

Learning over the course of years from Lao Tzu James W. McNeil the arts of Hsing-I Chinese Boxing (Xing Yi Quan, Mind boxing or Mind Heart Chinese Boxing), Splashing Hands Chinese Boxing (Shaolin Zan Shou Quan), Ba Kua (Pa Kua, Bagua Zhang, 8 Trigram Palm Chinese Boxing), Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan (Chen Taijiquan, Grand Ultimate Fist), Tzu Men-Chuan, (Tsu Men Chuan, Zimen Quan, Zi Men Chuan,Word/Poison Fingers Boxing), Shih-Shui Kung (Xi Sui Gong) Bone Marrow Washing, Chi Gong, Advanced Iron Hand, Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao, special Taoist meditationTui Na, Tien Gunn, Push Hands, Advanced Methods of Chi Gong (Qigong) and Nei Gong exercises, Eight Section Brocade, Chinese Psychic Healing, Chinese Weapons, Chi Na, Chinese Herbs, Moxabustion, Street Fighting, Self Defense, and more.

During his time as student at Little Nine Heaven, Sifu Baron attended college and graduate school. While at DePaul University, Sifu Baron founded the DePaul Martial Arts Society teaching constantly Sifu Baron learned how to train others. In addition to training students in martial arts, Sifu Baron taught students Traditional Chinese Healing techniques, including Tai Chi, Tui Na, and Bone Setting. Sifu Baron continues to learn about these healing techniques as well as western medicine as well having gone to school for a masters biomedical science. Sifu Baron also holds a certificate in Health Care Management and is a Certified Medical Assistant.

Sifu Baron is planning clinical and scientific research into the effects of many of the above arts. He is writing books on martial arts, health in Taoism. Sifu Baron has been featured in many newspaper articles, television, and other media and continues to instruct and train as one of Lao Tzu James McNeil’s top students.

In 1998, Sifu Baron opened the Little Nine Heaven Internal Kung Fu and Tai Chi School in Highland Park, Illinois. It was his goal to bring his knowledge of Kung Fu to the area and share the lineage systems he learned over time with others. Sifu Baron plans to continue spreading the knowledge of the Way and its power by teaching martial arts.

TomBagTom Sus is a mountain of self discipline and focus. His devotion and faith in the power of Kung Fu is unimpeachable. After training in several other martial arts styles over a number of years, Tom came to Kung Fu Power in January, 2011 and has been training and teaching exclusively with Sifu Richard Baron ever since. His mission is to help as many people in the community, of all ages, to better their lives through the practice of Kung Fu.

Tom has worked with a wide variety of students, some with special needs and many who need balance in their lives. Tom has always cared very much for the personal growth of each and every student.

The inspiration of his teacher and grand-teachers has made it his purpose to continue these traditions. Tom has trained under Sifu Baron in Splashing Hands, Hsing-I, Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao, Chen Tai Chi, Iron Hand, Tzu Men Chuan, Qigong, Meditation, Chinese Weapons and other areas of Chinese Kung Fu and Healing.

Tom currently lives in Deerfield with his wife and two children.

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