Military and Law Enforcement Training

Little Nine Heaven is proud to conduct personalized and group training for men and women in uniform and their organizations. Designed for military and law enforcement personnel of all ages and skill levels, Little Nine Heaven’s Military and Law Enforcement classes and seminars are designed to build upon and enhance the combative skills specific to these occupations. The ancient kung fu techniques taught at Little Nine Heaven are those designed specifically for ancient military use and have been passed down for generations. These rare fighting and self-defense techniques remain relevant to today’s combat and law enforcement situations.

More than just basic self-defense or take down techniques, the training offered at Little Nine Heaven helps students train the mind to stay calm and focused during stressful, life threatening situations. This allows for clearer thought and the ability to make rational choices. The training at Little Nine Heaven is combat effective and useful in both lethal and non-lethal situations. Students will learn how to easily overwhelm their opponent and end the threat.

Discounts are available to individual military and law enforcement men and women wishing to augment their past and present training.

Little Nine Heaven is pleased to offer private lessons specifically for law enforcement and military individuals or groups anywhere in the world. Sifu Baron is able to bring the lessons and techniques of these ancient kung fu techniques to men and women of uniform in their combat and conflict zones allowing Sifu Baron to personalize each lesson and give each student the chance to practice the skills learned where they will be used. Please contact the studio for more information.

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