Kung Fu Power! Featured by Landmark

On July 31, Highland Park’s Landmark newspaper featured KungFu POWER! and the capacity to transform and achieve through hard work:

Photo by Jamie Bradley/22nd Century Media

Photo by Jamie Bradley/22nd Century Media

“Everyone knows that martial arts can be a great outlet for people of any age who are looking to get in shape or better learn to defend themselves, but for Highland Park native Richard Baron, it goes far beyond that. … “

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Our weekly classes offer something for every age, gender, and level of mastery, including:

  • Splashing Hands Chinese Boxing (Shaolin Zan Shou Quan)
  • Hsing-I Chinese Boxing (Xing Yi Quan)
  • Chen style Tai Chi Chuan (Chen Taijiquan)
  • Qigong (Chi Kung)
  • Sparring and Fighting Applications
  • Youth Kung Fu
  • Women’s Self Defense

The Kung fu systems instructed at Little Nine Heaven have been passed on from generation to generation. These arts are the real thing, not a hybrid, not a sport, and not a non-lineage, non-traditional system. Each of Little Nine Heaven’s systems of martial arts and Chinese healing is instructed with the purpose of enhancing student’s lives as well as helping students improve their health and fighting abilities. Everything instructed is carefully explained and easily learned. Each technique, meditation, form, and chi gong exercise, fighting application, and sparring session has value either for its health benefits, its use in combat, or its use to help condition students for combat. The systems that are taught are useful, practical, and have been tested by many previous generations of masters.

Our Community

At Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao, we pride ourselves in being a family. When a person is accepted as a student at Little Nine Heaven, they also become a member of our local and international community. It is the goal of the instructors to pass the systems we have learned down to the next generation perfectly preserved and unscathed by the many corrupting forces that would cause them to become blemished. We hold to the attitude that “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” and so does the path towards personal growth and self enlightenment.

Beginners & Experienced Students

Little Nine Heaven is accepting beginners to martial arts as students, but we specialize in training already experienced martial artists, to both learn something new as well as learn to improve their past skills in their previous arts. Many students — both beginners and experienced martial artists — have expressed that they feel like they are learning martial arts at the graduate level. Old age is not generally a factor in these arts, and the best practitioners are generally the ones that have studied the longest, even into very old age.


Internal styles of martial arts are famous for their ability to keep their practitioners healthy both from outside threat as well as internally as they age. These arts work to preserve the body, not to cause it further injury. The internal martial arts such as Hsing-I (Xing-I), Ba Kua (Pa Kua), Tai Chi Chuan, and Hsiao Chui Tien (Little Nine Heaven or Nine Chamber Fist), focus on strengthening the internal organs to help them retain or enhance functionality, and to help prevent many of the effects of aging, such as the onset of chronic diseases. These arts were created by the ancient Taoists and have been an important part of Eastern medicine that has been practiced for many centuries. They are more recently becoming popularized as a form of alternative medicine, with an increasing role in preventative modern western medicine.